Sensual and attractive lips

Harmony, symmetry and perfection creating the appearance of fullness, emphasizing the outline, modifying the shape – these are some of the many reasons why permanent lip procedure has become so popular. Perfect for all ages and professions.

Permanent lip treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines around the lips that lipstick often bleeds into. Restore fullness, youthfulness and beauty to the lips. The majority of clients that request this procedure want natural results with soft tones – something that we provide and recommend.

Lip line – natural or defined. Guaranteed to perfect the shape of the mouth.

Lip line and blush – offering the client fullness, symmetry and beautiful soft colour. Lip blush defines the outline of the mouth with soft shading which gets lighter towards the centre of the lip.

Full lip tint – giving the lips a perfect finish. Shading and highlighting enhance a thin flat lip, define the shape, provide symmetry and create an overall natural lip colour. This treatment is favoured as it gives the most natural results and complements the whole look.

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